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Image: Carol Ann Duffy by Jemimah Kuhfeld

When an anonymous Medieval author wrote a morality play to propagate followers for the Catholic Church in the 15th Century, they may have hoped that their work would survive 500 years hence. They probably did not foresee its reimagining at the hands of former Poet Laureate and devout atheist Carol Ann Duffy. When God calls on Death to collect the original arrogant, materialistic and selfish Everyman for judgement, his only hope of salvation is through the soul-cleansing Catholic Sacraments.

Duffy’s adaptation, which is performed at People’s Theatre from Tuesday 14th-Saturday 18th February, keeps this personality, but updates the central character to a more recognisable Every Man for the 21st Century. Our Everyman takes Earth and all its gifts for granted, and reaps without thought – but this Everyman has no religion to strike him with fear and guilt until he submits. Instead, follow the modern Everyman as, deserted by everything earthly that he knew, he learns the error of his ways from new friend Knowledge to discover not only his own salvation, but that of his entire society. Duffy’s adaptation serves as a reminder to do good not for the sake of your own soul, but to do good for goodness’ sake.

Everyman is performed at People’s Theatre from Tuesday 14th-Saturday 18th February.


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