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Any opportunity to glimpse into the mind of Dylan Moran shouldn’t be missed. The deprecating comedian (self and otherwise) often offers brutally honest commentary on the world around him. Whether it’s through his stand-up comedy, or through one of his numerous acting roles (Bernard Black, anyone?) everything is just that little bit doomier and gloomier when he’s in town.

We should probably check the weather forecast for dark skies and showers around Friday 9th November, as Dylan Moran will be at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre & Opera House doling out pessimistic witticisms for anyone who feels like taking a trip down a pretty depressing rabbit hole.

His new live show, Dr Cosmos, is an opportunity to see Moran’s ennui-fuelled take on current affairs and the everyday absurdities of modern life. The trend for comedians to get all dark and depressing about life, only to end on an optimistic high or perhaps a short musical number, is unlikely to be a facet Moran’s show; it’s best just to revel in the downbeat comedy and accept life for the disappointment that it is.

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