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A night of experimental world music is coming to The Globe, Newcastle, on Friday 22nd July. Four acts complete the bill for the free event that will present genre bending styles and musical abnormalities.

Dressed in Wires’ sound is Latin-esque with a heavy dose of experimental synths. The overall vibe does not sound messy or overdone, though, it comes together finely with varied distant vocals chanting throughout. Song lengths vary between 5 and 15 minutes, exploring world music and crunching into the atmosphere with electronics.

Zassō Fūkei uses loops to create a dubstep style sound. With dabbles in electronic psychedelia, vocals again sound soothingly distant. Laced with synths and warped mutterings, Zassō Fūkei are a transcental experience. Expect improvisation and on stage free flowing array of sound.

Nev Clay’s guitar tuning of CGDGAD fabricates a tone of relaxation and mellowness. Whispery vocals and reverbed plucky strings come together for the Longbenton musician’s delicate tracks. With quirky titles such as Your Dad Sells Lighters and Longbenton Boulevard, Nev Clay has a certain chirpy feel in his work that reflects an optimistic charm.

Emergency Librarian complete the line-up. Brimming with science fiction creations, they use space age keys to take you on a swirling journey of hallucinatory sounds. Quavering vocals overlaid on pulsating blips are ever-present with no signs of easing off. An intense space-age trip with throbbing progressions.

Dressed In Wires play The Globe, Newcastle, on Friday 22nd July.

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