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The business of promoting gigs is a rewarding, but often challenging one. I’ve been running events in the North East for nearly nine years now and I’ve rarely had one go off without a hitch. It’s not just the night itself you need to worry about, but the months of preparation beforehand, that could make or break a gig.

It’s frustrating when things go wrong and it’s the fault of a careless or ill-prepared promoter and, while running gigs isn’t exactly rocket science, it’s all too easy to fall into the pitfalls of piss poor promotion. The good folks at Don’t Make A Scene have come up with a solution to this problem in the form of a beautiful zine that offers advice and support for all those interested in running DIY events.

The ‘field guide to putting on gigs’ has been compiled by a crack team of DIY promoters, label heads, tour managers, bookers, sound engineers and audience members from across the UK, who offer their advice and resources in the form of articles, interviews, illustrations and photographs. Not sure which end of a microphone goes where, how to keep a budget, or just want some support and inspiration? Look no further.

The zine has been put together by Rob St. John and Bartholomew Owl from Edinburgh-based band eagleowl and they’ve drawn advice and articles from people they’ve worked with or been inspired by in their collaborative promoting and music making over the last decade. Two of which are the North East’s very own Narbi Price and John Egdell who promote under the fakeindielabel moniker and are very much involved in the region’s local scene as musicians (Big Fail, Slow Decades among others), who have offered their advice and wealth of experience on the perils and pitfalls of gig promotion. Other contributors include Upset The Rhythm’s Chris Tipton, That Fucking Tank’s Andy Abbott, End of the Road’s Sofia Hagberg, booking agent Marie Tippex and many more.

It’s a steal at just £4 and with the run being limited to 300, you’d best get your skates on to grab a copy.

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