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Image: Cooper McDonough and Christina Berriman Dawson rehears Credit Sept 2020, image by Lindsay Duncanson

Serendipity is a curious thing. When playwright and community creative Laura Lindow started a project on the experiences of people living on Universal Credit, she wouldn’t have expected the finished theatre piece to be performed under such unusual and difficult circumstances. We’re not just talking directly about Miss Rona here, although her antics mean that Credit has been pushed to an online preview. Just last month, we hit a record-breaking recession. With the economy not doing so great, now is exactly the time to take a look at the benefit system meant to catch those made most vulnerable by this circumstance.

Gateshead Council initially commissioned research into life on Universal Credit in the North East which was completed by academics from across the region. Unsurprisingly, the report concluded that it kind of sucked. Lindow draws on this comprehensive research to bring it to the stage in a drama that delves deep into the experiences of those let down by our government. A rehearsed reading of Credit will be recorded at Alphabetti Theatre and streamed on Wednesday 16th September, followed by a Q&A session with those responsible for bringing the disparities to light. While an academic report may have limited reach, there is the hope that this play will bring wider accessibility and in turn, greater discussion.

Cap-A-Pie present the online preview of Credit + Q&A on Wednesday 16th September at 2pm and 7pm

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