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Comedy is a career often pursued not for the recognition, but for the love of the craft. Luckily for some, they get to enjoy both. Chloe Petts is one fortunate individual who has managed to turn her dedication to comedy into an emotionally profitable venture. The creator of London-based all woman and non-binary queer comedy night The LOL Word brings her debut stand-up tour, Transience, to Newcastle’s Stand on Sunday 29th May.

It’s an apt name, since we’re living in such changeable times that it’s often difficult to remember where we’re at as a society. Transience therefore suits her own comedy, which focuses on the trials and tribulations of life. Petts is so desperate to live in the moment that she sometimes ends up sending very much the wrong vibe to male pals who sometimes fail to grasp the concept of interaction without ulterior motives. Seriously guys, some women really don’t want to get in your pants. For one so supportive of her local comedy scene, it’d be so nice to reciprocate with some equally platonic support as Chloe Petts takes her first tentative steps into the nationwide circuit. Go see.

Chloe Petts is at The Stand, Newcastle on Sunday 29th May.

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