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The future… An endless unknown that can bring joy or fear to our hearts and the inspiration behind an upcoming exhibition at Thought Foundation, Birtley. Alternative Futures is an art project that invited people from Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland to work with artists, musicians, writer and poets from the region to design an alternative future. The outcome of these collaborations will be displayed from 26th May – 9th June (10-4pm).

The work is based on conversations about the world at various points in the future in relation to innovation, invention, housing, people, transport, tech, politics, society and the environment. It explores what the future would look like if one had autonomy for control compared to if one had no control.

Rachel Horton, Managing Director at The Culture Vulture and Alternative Futures explains more. “The intention through the project has been to get people thinking and talking about the future while doing creative things with artists. There are a lot of frustrated people at present, but the aim was to get people feeling the future is in their hands so to use that power wisely and to feel much more empowered in making changes for the future.

Artists have had people suggesting everything from mass extinction, to living under the sea, to an increase in society segregation, to nature fighting back against human pollution, to plastic being a thing of the past, to Brexit negotiations still ongoing even though it’s 200 years later.”

If you attend, then there will be the option to send a postcard to your future self, but by the time you read it mankind will only absorb information in ones and zeros through a data port at the back of your skull. Still it’s the thought that counts.

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