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Every year to celebrate our birthday, we curate a free compilation album which showcases some of our favourite artists from the last year. We hope you enjoy this year’s selection! Download the album in full for free from our Bandcamp. Here’s a peek at the track from Church, Honey…

Inviting and oozing with sensuality, Fall In flawlessly showcases Church, Honey’s signature alluring indie soundscape. Released on the EP of the same name, Fall In begins as a delicately romantic ditty before erupting into a cacophony of passionate rock, making it THE ultimate set opener.

Fall In is a song about cyclical love; it is a story of falling in love and never out.” Says singer-songwriter Ben James Miller. “The lyrics speak of a dormant, bubbling passion that leads to furtive trysts and epiphanous kisses. A return to a summer dalliance which is destined to end in the parting of ways.”

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