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Every year to celebrate our birthday, we curate a free compilation album which showcases some of our favourite artists from the last year. We hope you enjoy this year’s selection! Download the album in full for free from our Bandcamp. Here’s a peek at the track from Amateur Ornithologist…

Ever-expanding South Shields band Amateur Ornithologist (now with ten members) are musical magpies, stealing the shiniest treasures from multiple genres then cleverly crafting them into their own unique happy-sad pop gems.

With its sweet harmonies and multi-layered instrumentation, frontman Daniel Clifford says: “Hide is one of our favourite songs to play live due to the groove and communal singing. It’s the perfect introduction to Amateur Ornithologist.” The title track of their latest album, it’s “a song about finding a place to belong and feel safe” and has an ethereal, uplifting sound which leaves you wanting to hear more from the band.


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