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Building up to an EP release later this year, anthemic alt. indie band Wolfred present their new release, Plane. Here, Wilf Stone explains his inspiration behind the track…

The inspiration for Plane came from a memory. You know those really specific images, like a still frame from a knackered old film – skipping and jumping but always managing to stay on the single picture. It was a letterbox with a shaft of light coming through it and dust particles floating about. That was it – I can’t even remember where that memory is from, how old I was, nothing. Just the snapshot. The rest of the track grew from there.

Mostly when I write I don’t know what I’m writing about – it’s based around something like Plane was or maybe there will be one line in the song that has a root but for the rest of the song the words of that initial line are the root so then the meaning changes or blurs and invites ambiguity. I like that about songwriting – how nothing has to be about anything but can end up being about everything. How subjective it can be to the listener.

Ben Howard is a huge influence on me and he does that so well. You can lose yourself in his music and words and not have a fucking clue why you’re feeling what you are – but it’s magic so who fucking cares!”


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