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Newcastle’s indie-pop five-piece St. Buryan have recently dropped their latest single, Torn Apart. It’s a  more emotive, less upbeat affair than previous releases but the track, which talks of mourning the loss of the magic in a relationship, is a finely crafted and soulful offering filled with relatable lyrics, shifting dynamics and a musical richness that fans, old and new, will enjoy. 

Here, the band gives us a little more insight into what inspired the song…

Picture the scene. Nathan Gooch wakes up, on a day like any other, unbeknownst to how his life will change on this fateful day. He takes himself downstairs for a coffee and cigarette at the front door of our house in Leeds. At some point, Youtube is opened, and music springs to life. A miracle presents itself in the form of a group named TWICE, a K-pop group with thee catchiest hooks and biggest chorus’ perhaps known to humanity. The next song we write is Torn Apart, and we vow to make it a pop sensation. 

Torn Apart is a love letter to the pop fan in each of us. It represents our want to let go and create something simple and enjoyable, it’s heavily inspired by the pop music we held close when we wrote the track back in mid 2019. While you can definitely hear some of our more recognisable inspirations in the song, the likes of Fall Out Boy and Kids in Glass Houses, we wanted to really bring out the POP in pop punk. Carly Rae Jepsen and Twice would be the most honourable mentions we could make, it would be rude not too in essence. 

Before Torn Apart was even a complete idea, we had already taken it into the studio. Something that we had never done before. Fortunately for us, out of the latest three singles we have released Torn Apart was self-produced and we had full creative control to take it anywhere we wanted, in truth; there was a lot of improvised nonsense that didn’t make the cut, and a lot that did. In a way (and prepare for the cheese) the studio itself and the experience we had recording the song, was a big inspiration for the track.

Lyrically is where the track departs from the sensationally poppy composition. It delves into a darker place. Something most of us like to avoid as often as possible. Feelings. Torn Apart may look cute on the outside, but deep down its tells a story of love, or more appropriately a couple in turmoil. The inspiration will go unknown on this one, it’s for the best, all I’ll say if we’re all still in good health. 

So if you had to make an inspiration sandwich, a la TORN APART. You’d have to stick it between two slices of modern pop, layer it with a couple slices of pop punk, lay down some crisp fresh cheese and finally smother it with sad, sad lyrics. Yum.

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