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South Shields singer-songwriter Patrick Gosling, who was previously the singer with North East indie band Far Pacific, has recorded three tracks with ‘Boy Jumps Ship’s’ Jonny Rob, one of which is new single, Hollywood. Written after a spate of watching reality TV, Patrick sheds more light on the inspiration behind the track.

Lyrically the inspiration for the song came after a short but intense period of watching reality television. I soon realised that there’s some real, fame-hungry people out there. Obviously reality tv isn’t real, or at least you’d hope people wouldn’t act like they do if the cameras weren’t on them, but you can’t help but notice who wants the limelight more than others, who’s prepared to stoop that little bit further, to get more of the airtime!

However, this instant fame sometimes comes as a double-edged sword, disappearing as quickly as it arrived.  Another series, another channel and they’re soon forgotten.

The song is basically about an individual who wants her 15 minutes, it followers her through the rise to the fall. It was created as a reaction to the downfall of some reality tv stars, which unfortunately leads some down a dark path.

Musically I knew I wanted the song to have a heartland anthemic rock feel, even from my home demo I wanted to have a live feel. When I got in the studio with Jonny Rob from Deptford sound studios, we changed the song around a little, but just enough to make the track sound exactly how I pictured it in my head. 

The guitar parts were essentially my attempt at writing a Tom Petty song as at the time of writing I was listening almost religiously to his tracks ‘Refugee’ and ‘American Girl’. Another stand out part of the song for me is my drummer Dylan Thompson’s drum part in the outro, I remember getting a proper buzz when he was recording it. The final product sounds like Patrick Gosling trying to be Tom Petty and I’m sound with that. 

I’ve had a great reaction to the track so far when I’ve been playing it live, and now that along with Dylan on drums I’ve also been joined by a Cale Davies on keys and Jack Griffith on bass I really can reproduce the studio version of the song to a live audience.  We’ve got some amazing shows planned for the summer, including a very special South Shields hometown show, which is still yet to be announced! 

I’m mega proud of this song and it’s probably one of my favourites I’ve written, so I’m buzzing to finally have it out in the world on 3rd April.

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