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Inspired to set up gigs for music-loving adults and their youngsters, Lorna Snowball talks to us about Kin, her series of family-friendly gigs which kick off next weekend at Tyne Bank Brewery.

You don’t stop loving live music when you have kids. But when you’ve got two little ones, your chances to get to gigs takes a huge hit.

Where once my weekends were filled with pubs and clubs, my free time these days is more prams and parks. And that’s lovely but it’s easy to lose some of your identity as a parent, and that is the thinking behind Kin family-friendly gigs.

Offering music-loving mams and dads – like myself – the chance to get a slice of their old lives back. A few hours in the afternoon to get some quality live music back into their lives and still get the kids home in time for bed.

Because everyone needs a bit of music in their lives. And for me, during the pandemic, music not only kept me sane, it inspired me to give these gigs a go. I had my second baby at the start of the first lockdown. With a toddler and a newborn to look after things were tough.

It was a lovely time in so many ways but it was also quite lonely. I had my fair share of bad days but music got me through them. As soon as a song I liked came on the radio I’d immediately feel like my old self again, like the fog had lifted.

Get children into music from an early age, give parents a chance to show the young’uns how it’s done and make live music an event for the whole family

Music is so transformative and has always played a massive part in my life – and how couldn’t it growing up in Newcastle? We’ve always had such a wonderful bubbling musical undercurrent.

Without doubt one of the best things about starting these gigs has been getting reacquainted with the North East music scene again. We have so much talent here I’ve been spoiled for choice booking acts. Georgia May and Grey Tapes will be kicking off the first gig in September, they are phenomenal live performers.

I’ve always been massively into music but it’s easy to lose touch when you’re a parent. I came of age in Newcastle’s underground dance scene seeing superstar DJs like Roger Sanchez on any given weekend. Watched acts like Richard Dawson play upstairs in The Cumberland before he became a big deal. Conquered festivals big and small.

Living in France I got amongst its unrivalled electro scene. And then I moved to London; ticked off countless bucket list bands, immersed myself in East London’s live music scene and managed a good few daytime raves and secret rooftop DJ sets to boot.

So when I had my son a few years ago I was ready to settle down and focus on motherhood. I absolutely love being a mam. The baby class craic, the ‘mamaraderie’ and knowing looks amongst parents when their child has a meltdown in the playground. Talking about your children, the many funny and infuriating things they do ad infinitum and never tiring.

So why not bring the two worlds together? Get children into music from an early age, give parents a chance to show the young’uns how it’s done and make live music an event for the whole family. I think it was Lauren Laverne who said: ‘Music can change your mood, your day or your life’. For me it has done all three.”

Kin present Georgia May and Grey Tapes at Tyne Bank Brewery Tap on Sunday 12th September (sold out). Their next show takes place on Sunday 17th October at Tyne Bank Brewery Tap and features Moon Wax and Dilutey Juice.

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