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Middlesbrough based rapper Leddie MC is a rapper who knows no bounds. She’s constantly pushing herself as a skilled songwriter, embracing accessibility as a way of widening her audience, yet maintaining integrity with her lyrics and style. On top of that, she tirelessly performs and promotes her music, resulting in being featured on every blog and radio station going, receiving praised by the likes of Chuck D and supporting Sage Francis and B. Dolan’s Epic Beard Men twice in August. This has accumulated in signing a collaboration contract with Warner Bros via Music of The Sea, as well as recently releasing her new single, I’ll Be There (featuring Teesside’s other rising star, Eve Conway). Leddie shares with us the inspiration behind this latest release as well as giving us a look at the brand new video to go with it, to give us a little more insight into her work.

My inspiration for this track was my Niece. My sister found out she was pregnant as our nanna was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she only lived for six weeks after that. Then, my nanna on my dad’s side was diagnosed for the fourth time, but this was terminal too. My niece was then born a few months before my other Nanna died, and luckily they got to meet. She was this huge bundle of hope amongst the hell we’d been living and I will forever be grateful that she was born when she was. It was her second birthday May just gone, and I’d started creating a beat and it just clicked that it should be dedicated to her. I started writing bits and pieces, and then I thought there were bits of advice that might make a world of difference to her when she’s older, and regardless of the presents I could have bought her, or money I could have given, I thought a song was perfect – along with some new kicks, obviously. There was no singer I could have chosen other than Eve Conway for this, either. First take I knew it sounded perfect and the fact she had just found out she was also going to become an Aunty too, made it more special. I also had to include the clip at the end after my niece had just started saying actual words and I caught the “Hiya” perfectly.

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