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Teesside rap icon Leddie MC teams up with fellow hip-hop hero Jister for her new single, Life is a Bitch. Produced by Leddie and mixed and mastered by Jamie Donnelly, the track personifies life and gives it a right auld rollicking courtesy of some blues-rock inspired beats and aggressively playful, and seemingly cathartic, lyrical delivery. 

Here, Leddie gives us some insight into what inspired her latest work…

So, for people following my journey, they’ll have seen I’ve had a rough few years with grief, and on top of other things, i started to feel like life was just against me, whether i do good, and try to keep my intentions pure, or i go out of my way to be a complete dick to people. Recently, I heard the phrase, “life is a bitch” and I thought, “Yeah, ya not kiddin!!” and it kind of stuck… I’d been in touch with Jister about doing a track together and told him I’d get a beat sent over to him, and as I was putting the layers together, I kind of started repeating, “life is a bitch” and putting the concept together… I didn’t want to rant about how life has been unkind to me recently and decided to personify it… and make it sound like I was talking about a woman. Obviously, when i say the word ‘Bitch’, i mean the pejorative slang word for a person (which is usually a woman) and usually addresses someone who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, controlling, aggressive, or dominant.

I figured it was the perfect topic to get something like Jister on cos the guys a poetic genius and he absolutely smashed the topic to bits!

The instrumental is one of my favourites. Mixed and mastered by Jamie Donnelly, he really helped to bring the track together as a piece and gave it the little sparkle it needed.

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