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Late last year, Teesside indie-pop purveyor Jen Dixon and producer Griffon teamed up to drop euphoric banger, Save Me. The track with its pulsating beats, sexy synth sounds and Jen’s soaring vocals racked up a canny few Spotify streams. The radio edit has just been dropped and condenses all the energetic essence of the song into a two-and-a-half-minute-long burst of pure musical joy.

Here, both artists tell us what inspired the track…

Jen Dixon

I’ve been releasing indie pop for a few years now and always wanted to get a track remixed, but really didn’t know who to approach and didn’t think anyone would want to do it! I released ‘Save Me’ back in June 2021, it got some love on BBC Intro and Radio X and I absolutely love playing it live. It was also released as an acoustic version a year later as it was becoming my most popular track. In 2022 I saw Pete Tong’s Orchestra in Nottingham and came away just going ‘I NEED A REMIX’. It still didn’t materialise. 

About a year later I’m sat in BBC Tees playing a live set for BBC Intro and Shakk plays this track by a guy called Griffon, I just thought ‘Wow, this is fresh’. The next day Griffon messaged me on Instagram and we got talking – so I asked him about remixing Save Me. I sent him the audio and a week later he’d smashed this amazing remix out and I was gobsmacked. Something I’d dreamed of for years had happened and from a collaboration with a guy I’d never met. He’s since become one of my biggest supporters, selling tickets to gigs and promoting my music. Teessiders really do stick together! #UTB 


I’m a born and bred Teessider and have been producing music for around two years, it’s something I’ve always been interested in but didn’t quite have the setup or processing power at home to Produce the standard of music I wanted.

During lockdown, I invested in a decent PC along with my DAW that allows me so much freedom to create and overlay Channels, FX and plugins. I’m a self-taught producer and just had to put the hours in studying production & arrangement techniques used by the greats such as Avicii, Calvin Harris & Jax Jones.

How I came about working with Jen was I had a track called ‘Falling For You’ being played on BBC Intro with Shakk so was listening in to the show when I heard Jen playing a live set and was immediately blown away by her vocals, I thought she had a powerful voice that would suit a trance style track perfectly.

We got talking and she said she had been bouncing about the studio to my track and if I needed any vocals she was the girl for the job! We then decided to collaborate on a track she had already written ‘Save Me’.  

As soon as I heard it I loved the vocals and the lyrics tell a nice story too. I set about turning this Indie Rock track into something else. I stripped it right back, I removed all of the original instruments and built the track around Jen’s vocals, it went from 102 BPM to 136 BPM so it certainly had a ‘donk’ added! I’m really into the 90’s trance vibe that’s influencing a lot of tracks at the moment so decided to create something in that genre, and was well chuffed when Jen gave the green light on the final version!

It’s been well received so far, we’ve been top 30 on a number of Soundcloud charts and hit No.1 on the Global Dance and EDM chart, only for a day but we pushed Kenya Grace off the top slot.

We both work full time so for me it’s all about making music for fun and for others to enjoy, people have commented that it’s amazing two artists from Teesside are knocking tunes out from home!

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