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Tyneside music maker Michael Curran’s Deaf Fiction drops his brand new EP, Politicians Are… Just in time for the general election, the release explores themes of division and unity, enthusiasm and apathy as well as first-world problems. Sonically, there’s garage rock grit and college rock attitude with notes of bands such as Weezer and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Here, Michael tells us about the inspiration behind it…

Since the start of Deaf Fiction last year one major theme has developed: the world’s a bit messed up but the bonds and connections we build between us and the ones we love make everything worthwhile. This connection building is something I’ve been promoting throughout all of the live shows so far and the feedback has been unbelievably positive and engaging. 

The one topic that keeps coming up in this engagement with the audience is politics and how polarising the world has become. 

It keeps coming back to people with fundamentally similar morals and beliefs, with similar issues and problems, finding each other on opposing sides of a divide that’s growing ever wider. The sheer absurdity of the situation is being engulfed and overshadowed by the glut of anger and animosity aimed at one another. 

The audience and I have discussed at the live shows how this is the inevitable product of the current political process. This has been kicked into overdrive since the weaponisation of social media by the political parties. 

The key thing I’ve stressed is that I think this is actually an apolitical problem and that none of the main parties are against tackling this division – quite the opposite. I felt inspired to turn this into a new collection of original songs that reflect these conversations in the hope to at least create more conversation on the matter. 

I’m inspired by the lack of cohesion, compassion and compromise. I’m inspired by the need to save face over common sense. I’m inspired by people putting the lesser of two evils on a plinth to be idolised. I’m inspired by the people who view subtly nuanced and complex shades of grey in only black and white terms. 

I’m inspired by listening to people. I’m inspired by people who put their hearts and souls into making the world a better place for everyone. I’m inspired by those who can hear the voices outside their echo chamber. I’m inspired by those who care and by those who see that it’s not about us and them.

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