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Author D. G. Mooney’s debut novel CURSE OF THE ELIXIR is an adventure set in the North East and features numerous locations and landmarks from the area. He’ll be appearing at Newcastle Comic Con at St James’ Park on Sunday 12th November. Here, the local author tells us more about the inspiration behind his 5-star rated urban fantasy:

During lockdown, I struggled to find work after being made redundant. Someone close to me was also very ill and I became trapped in a negative mindset. I started a writing project to shift my focus and allow some introspective thinking.

Firstly, I decided to set my story in Newcastle because I love this city and I’m proud of where I come from. We live in a beautiful part of the world which is steeped in fascinating history. Not a lot had been based here other than Vera and Auf Wiedersehen Pet, and with the rise of Sam Fender and Newcastle Utd it felt like the time was right.

I had read about a Roman cult devoted to Asklepios, the Greek god of healing. They would travel with a sacred serpent and perform incredible feats of restoration on the sick and lame. I couldn’t believe this hadn’t already been used in popular culture and my imagination started flying. I was so excited. What would happen if one of their shrines was discovered here in Wallsend? Would the cult kill to keep their cure a secret? I set myself an achievable goal of 1000 words per day and went for it.

My main character Jon Burton is an ordinary Geordie lad who is down on his luck. Initially he’s dealing with his own self-doubt in a blizzard, but before long he’s running for his life and clutching something that could change the world.

My debut novel CURSE OF THE ELIXIR is now available, and I’m delighted to announce that all 2023 proceeds will go to Tyneside & Northumberland Mind, a mental health charity.

It was important for me to give something back. This project gave me such a boost, and I grew stronger and more positive alongside my characters. I started to feel better, found myself a job, and even completed the Great North Run.

I realise now that I’m inspired by everything and everyone, good and bad. Try being creative if you’re feeling low: write, play music, get the paintbrushes out – it’s incredibly therapeutic and you never know what might come of it. Come and say hi if you’re at the convention and I’ll make sure you get a signed copy.

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