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Wakefield-born/Newcastle-based rapper Charlie Layzell drops his new single, Watch Me While I Sleep. This is the second song of three that the prolific artist is set to release over three months, with the next one due out in September. The track is a relaxed, guitar guided affair with hip-grindingly thick beats appearing as the track progresses. Nestled smoothly on top of the instrumentation are nonchalantly cool vocals with a much darker and richer delivery than what is on offer in the region at the moment. 

Here, the artist tells us what inspired his latest release…

I’ve always felt that writing is my greatest outlet. Despite this, I have found it hard to speak about my story. I am slowly opening up to the idea of the world getting to know me. I feel open, honest and vulnerable. Yet the strongest and bravest I have ever felt. I feel confident. 

Soon enough I will go into full detail about my story, until then, please wait for me, pray for me. All I’ve ever wanted was what’s right in front of me. 

I am Charlie layzell. These are my thoughts and experiences through words and music. 

We all know the feeling of discomfort. Most of us at least, to some degree or another. These days I tend to find it harder to sleep – with so much going on in the world and inside my mind. 

Watch Me While I Sleep is a song about finding respite in bed with my lady. Confiding my fears, letting down my guard. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and relax for the night. 

While challenging the idea of masculinity and ego, yet littered with fragments from escapist, naive influences – I believe this song might be able to provide a glimmer of hope and warmth to all of the cold and lost souls this summer. 

I think in terms of artists/styles. I’d say no one in particular. Everything I see, everything I hear and feel influences me in one way or another. Life influences me.

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