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Indie/punk-pop outfit St. Buryan we’re building up a head of steam before the lockdown. They had established themselves as one of the regions most intriguing acts and you’d forgive them for losing a bit of momentum with all that’s gone on. However, the band are refusing to slow down and follow up their first single of 2020, Tell Me, with How Could I Know? – a melody/hook track which looks at end of a relationship from the perspective of the heartbreaker and not the heartbroken. Wanting to know more we fire some questions across to drummer, Rhys Melhuish 

How have you been keeping during lockdown? Any tips for keeping spirits up and passing the time?
I guess we’re doing alright, thank you! Callum (guitar) and Ben (vocals) have still been working more or less as normal throughout all this, which has had its positives and negatives for them.

We’re all obviously missing our friends, family, playing/going to gigs etc. but we’re hanging in there.

We’ve all been individually writing a lot which is nice, bouncing ideas back and forth. Fingers crossed we’ll have some lush material to put together once we’re allowed back outside.

As for tips, I think getting the exercise and fresh air in on your one “permitted” jog/run each day does the world of good for you, physically and mentally. And as much as you’re missing your loved ones, nothing stops you from a call/video chat every now and then. It’s not quite the same, obviously, but regular chats like that have kept my spirits up for sure.

What music have you been listening to, whilst at home?
It’s been nice to have new releases to get into still. I’m really enjoying the new FEVA and Marketplace singles, and the latest Enter Shikari album is going down a treat too.

Describe your sound.
We get a lot of comparisons to your pop-punk/emo bands like Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Kids In Glass Houses etc. – and we try to bring that kind of flavour to the table with our music but with an emphasis on catchy, poppy twists too.

There’s a sprinkling of indie in there too. Something for everyone, right?

Tell us more about your new single, How Could I Know?
This is probably my favourite song of ours (to play live in particular) so I’m excited to get it out there. It leans more towards the indie-pop side of our “spectrum” I’d say.

It’s definitely a good accompaniment to the warmer weather we’re starting to enjoy, and the “lo-oh-oh-oving me” hook is one I reckon could (hopefully) get stuck in a fair few heads.

Where was it recorded? Who produced it?
We recorded it a few months back at the music studios at Leeds Beckett University. Ben (vocals) and Nathan (guitar/vocals) studied music production there so we took advantage of their resources while Ben was putting together his final project.

We brought in Myles Johnson, a good friend of ours, to produce on the day, and really enjoyed working with him. Then we got Jackson Vert (Club Paradise, ghost//signals) to mix and Jamie Donnelly (Be Quiet. Shout Loud!) to master it. I’d highly recommend all three if anyone else out there is looking for any help with recording/mixing etc.

What does the rest of 2020 have in store for you?
We can’t really say with much certainty, for obvious reasons. 

The initial plan after ‘How Could I Know?’ was to have a third single to follow in the Autumn and then have a big Newcastle headliner/potential EP launch around that time too. But those plans have took a bit of a back-seat for now.

We’ll definitely have another single out before the end of this year (hopefully the EP too, but we’ll see) and we have a few live shows already booked in for September-onwards. Most of us are assuming/hoping we’ll be somewhat back to normal by then, right?

We’ll see how everything unfolds!

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