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All music is inspired by something. Every artist is inspired by something before them, everyone’s been touched by music somehow.” Looking back through the thick tapestry of music in order to stand on the shoulders of giants, Elizabeth Liddle is the North East’s newest answer for anyone clambering for a taste of a bygone era, quipping that “moving with the times may be good, but being yourself is essential, I’m completely raised on ‘that’ so it’s what I am.”

That’ is the sound of the 70s. The delicate vocals of Crosby, Stills and Nash, the supple melodies of Simon and Garfunkel, and the devastating honesty of Joni Mitchell all trickle into the pool of inspiration that Liddle is born from. “Every year my Auntie would buy me a few albums from the history books that would strike a chord with me, be it Bob Dylan or Jeff Buckley, and they would be on rotation for the rest of the year.”  

Forming the basic silhouette of her debut EP, Somewhere, this homage to 70s stylings produces a series of intimate, piano-driven tracks, revolving around Liddle’s pure and emotive vocals. Her influences are demonstrated in a multitude of ways, both directly and indirectly; the EP features the stunning bright tones of a Hammond organ, instantly catapulting the listener back through time, yet it’s the more subtle ways the era has inspired the artist that really texture the EP. “Writing about myself is terrifying. The whole process feels extremely vulnerable and exposed, but I know all my favourite artists have done it before me and it’s their honesty that resonates with people to this day. Writing exactly what I was going through in that place and time, keeping it sincere and real, that storytelling is what the 70s is to me.”

Writing about myself is terrifying. The whole process feels extremely vulnerable and exposed

Following the release of Liddle’s EP in late August, the artist prepares for her headline slot at The Cluny 2 on Sunday 11th September. Promising an intimate experience, the singer once again looks to her heroes for inspiration. “If you’ve ever seen the beautiful Carole King concert from her living room, you’ll know what I’m going for! It’s going to be An Evening With Elizabeth Liddle. We’ll move through a mixture of different sounds, with a few tracks just me and my piano, as that’s how I write, but then also a number with my guitarist Billy Smith, as well as some featuring the full band. It’ll be a lovely, intimate night of music, I think despite growing crowds, that type of intimacy is something I always strive to maintain.”

With every detail Liddle discusses, she exudes a giddy excitement. From depicting the EP’s cover art and its throng of Easter eggs hidden amongst it, to her upcoming music videos, concerts or vinyl releases, her enthusiasm is a testament to her passion and dedication for creating something as earnest, rich and ensnaring as the music that captivated her heart. Lighting up at the opportunity to dive down the various alleys of musical conversation, it is tangibly apparent that this is an artist making music from the heart, steeped in adoration and reverence for the building blocks she utilises in her sound. 

The delicate and affecting musical flare of Elizabeth Liddle’s Somewhere is a subtle affair that captures something special and shouldn’t be missed. 

Elizabeth Liddle plays The Cluny 2, Newcastle on Sunday 11th September. The Somewhere EP is out now.


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