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Australian stand-up Bec Hill has always been one of my favourites; silly, creative, unique and most importantly, really funny. During the summer of last year, we were both booked to perform on the same line-up at York’s wonderfully alternative Burning Duck comedy club.

Her exuberant stage presence is always a guaranteed hit, so it’s pretty exciting that she’ll be bringing her show from 2015’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival to Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre on Friday 26th February, along with fellow Aussie Sarah Bennetto.

“I don’t normally get many chances to go up North,” she told me excitedly. With similar verve, she talked about her show, which had a very successful Fringe: “It was something like 10 tickets off being able to say it was a total sell out…which is very frustrating.”

Having built up a loyal following, thanks in part to her intoxicating stage manner and fresh, captivating comedic subjects, this particular show is one she’s immensely proud of. “The show’s about regret; the regrets that everybody has in common. I had one massive regret in life and decided that I wanted to get over it so I asked loads of people on social media the regrets they had. They all told me really personal things about themselves and that was really strange because I realised I probably know more about them than some of their closest friends do.” It’s this ability to get people to open up so readily that make watching her such a wonderful experience.

Bec has an unflinchingly beautiful ethos to every show, and it’s admirable that she isn’t content with just making people laugh.

I want them to feel afterwards that they’ve learnt something, either about themselves or about other people, I always try and have some sort of point to my shows.”

Sarah Bennetto was her first choice as support act; the fellow Aussie presents her show, the amusingly titled Sarah Bennetto Fritters Away Your Life…Mmm, Fritters. “I wanted to see it again and I wanted more people to see it. She makes you feel like you’re in the presence of great friends. You feel like she cares about you, which is really refreshing.”

Finding out what inspires this talented soul drew the most heart-warming response: “I’m still inspired by people,” she says, “it’s stuff that wants to get out and needs to get out.”

Bec Hill and Sarah Bennetto perform at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Friday 26th February.

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