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B&D Studios in Commercial House on Pilgrim Street is more than established as a vital hub for culture and the arts in Newcastle, providing much-needed studio and events space. Its latest inhabitant, however, has brought something new to the table in the form of Newcastle’s brand new record store, 586 Records.

Tucked into a third-floor studio, 586 Records is the latest addition to the city’s music scene and, even in its early days, there’s a lot to love about it. Currently a second-hand only affair, the small studio space already boasts thousands of records spanning rare house and disco, deep cuts, reggae, hip-hop, soul, alternative rock and much more. It’s a cosy, home-spun affair that’s clearly a labour of love for the man behind the shop, Antony Daly, who after fifteen years of putting on nights and parties has taken his love of music into this new venture.

Having only been open a few weeks, 586 Records has already been generating a great response from visitors and building up a steady buzz amongst the city’s record collectors. Visiting the store after opening hours last week, Antony took the time to put on the kettle and tell us a little more about his new venture.

“I think it’s been long overdue, really,” he says of the inspiration for starting the shop. “It’s been years since there’s been anywhere where you go and unearth second hand records in Newcastle. There’s places here that are really good at stocking new records, or for more classic second-hand records, but not for finding those rarer things. From a DJ point of view, buying records for sets and finding things to play out has been difficult for a long time in Newcastle.”

Certainly, one flick through the crates will turn up some unknown treasures and some hidden gems. As Antony explains, 586 Records is about providing a new twist to record collecting, one that complements and adds something new alongside the flagship record stores of Newcastle like Beatdown, RPM and Reflex. “A lot of the stock we have at the moment is from my own collection, and from several big collections that we’ve had in, and that gives it something different. It means that rather than having to go to the internet, all the stores can just work together. If someone came in for something new that I don’t have, I can always direct them to Reflex who might be able to help them, and if someone came there for something they didn’t have, they can try us. It’s all about helping each other out.”

586 2

“I love being able to recommend stuff to people and getting them into new things.”

Indeed, it’s the communal spirit that’s perhaps been lost in the age of Internet shopping that’s the main driving force behind 586 Records. “We’ve already got three turntables set up for people to give things a listen, and I’m looking at getting another one installed as well. I don’t want people to feel pressurised – I want to make it more sociable again. I want people to feel like they can just come in and browse for an hour, and maybe try a few things out and find something new.”

“I love being able to recommend stuff to people and getting them into new things. So if someone’s got an idea of what they’re after, I can always pick out a few selections for them and let them give them a go: if they like it great, if not then that’s fine. The other day, I had someone looking for some rock stuff and I was able to get them into The The. Another person came in for a Steve Winwood album that had a single on they remembered. I told them to listen out for one of the other tracks on it, and they messaged me on the 586 page later saying how much they liked the other track!”

Antony already has big plans as well for how he wants to develop the shop. “After Christmas, we’re getting in new record racks that should make it a lot easier to stock and browse, so you’re not bending over all the tubs! I’ve got a friend from Durham who’s a carpenter, and he’s making these racks for us that should look great once they’re installed.”

“I’m looking at getting a breakfast base installed, so people can come in and have a cuppa or a bite to eat. I’m hoping to start getting some in-stores going as well. If there’s a DJ playing in Newcastle on the night, we could see if they’re happy doing some stuff in the shop for an hour. We’ve got all the B&D space as well, which could be great for live band performances and on Record Store Day.”

Right now, things are looking good for this newcomer to the Newcastle musical map. Antony’s enthusiasm for music and for the more social aspects of record shopping (and the joy of the surprise find) is infectious, and his delight in his new venture is unmistakeable. “It was time for me to really have a go and make something for myself before I got stuck in a rut. There’s no great plan to this, but I just knew it was time to give it a go.”

Find out more about 586 Records and follow the shop’s activities on their Facebook page.

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