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Describing her new song, Hope Moves, as a “glittering dark pop track with a message of hope for the future”, singer-songwriter and pianist Jenny Lascelles has once again created a grandiose soundscape with her trademark intimate approach. Here, she summarises her latest release using three songs…

Tori Amos – Winter

Tori Amos was a massive influence in my teenage years, and it was through her music that I realised I could use my voice, lyrics and the piano as a tool to convey what I really wanted to say. Her rawness was awe-inspiring, and the haunting and melodic quality of Winter became its own definitive presence that has stayed with me since. It was one of the first songs I ever performed solo, at a school concert around age 14, and at the time it was the most powerful that I’d ever felt. The song speaks to me deeply about the passage of time, the relationships we have, particularly with our parents, and the cyclical nature of all things.

I love every track on Little Earthquakes, the album that it sits on, and credit the album as a massive influence for creating my own music: “when you gonna make up your mind? When you gonna love you as much as I do?”

John Grant – Glacier

I struggle to find the words to write or talk about this song, because I think it touches on such a raw part of the human experience.

I first listened to John Grant just a few years ago, and immediately fell deeply in love. The first version of Glacier that I heard was on the John Grant with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra Live in Concert album, a gift from an insightful friend who thought his music might resonate, and it blew me away. The song primarily speaks about the struggles faced by the gay community, and juxtaposes pain with hope in an incredibly powerful way that I think also resonates far beyond the initial message. The simplicity and depth of the lyrics, and the genuineness of the performance, caused a shift in my understanding of song writing and communication through performance.

I love every version that I’ve heard, be it live or the original release on Pale Green Ghosts. It’s a song that brings us to our knees and asks us to be better.

The Jezabels – A Little Piece

I love the distinct soundworld of The Jezabels, and particularly this epic track – dark, hazy guitars, massive drums, dreamy keys and the rise and fall of Hayley’s unique voice.

There’s a dark sexiness to it – the build up to and release of the chorus always makes my heart beat a little faster, and I love the enigmatic quality of the lyrics. This track gave me permission, in many ways, to allow my writing and performing to take a darker turn, and to reach a bigger scale and soundworld of my own.


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