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Darlington indie-rockers, Blackout The Arcade drop their latest single, Overdrive, on Friday 16th February. The band have a knack of knocking out anthemic bangers and this track is no different with its soaring, hook-filled guitars, bouncy rhythms and engaging vocal delivery (accompanied by some delightful harmonies).

Here, the band give us three tracks from other artists that best encapsulate this latest release…

The Killers – When You Were Young  
A true masterpiece that takes you on a journey from start to finish, we’d be shocked if you hadn’t come across this timeless anthem at some stage along the line. ‘When You Were Young’ is heavily built on the lyrical theme of retrospect and taking a step away to look back on life in one way or another, and this perspective heavily influences the underlying theme in the chorus of our latest single Overdrive, “Had I known all those sleepless nights…”  

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Cocoon  
Raw. Emotive. Powerful. Three words that pretty much sum up this song, a song at the heart of the Indie Rock scene and club dancefloors in the 2010s – and still as relevant to this day! The sonics of this indie-banger were definitely an inspiration in writing ‘Overdrive’, which tries to encapsulate a similar sense of energy and emotion, in its purest form.  

Interpol – Obstacle 1  
If you think you don’t know this band or song, listen to it and then you probably will innately, it’s like one of those hidden gems. Drawing particular attention to the repetition of the guitar melodies, their percussive precedence and the vocal hooks which solidify and bring this song together, similarities can most certainly be heard in ‘Overdrive’, especially in the guitar work within the pre-choruses which draw particular inspiration from Interpol’s Obstacle 1.

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