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Over the last twelve months, we’ve had our pages filled with some incredible creative souls, we asked a few of them to be kind enough to share some words on a year that the world all went a bit odd. Next up, it’s the supremely talented performance artist and actress Hannah Walker.

So Hannah, how was your 2016?
Oh it was busy and delightful and winey! Perfect year really… I performed my one woman show An Evening with Savvy B at Alphabetti in Newcastle and then London in the Summer. People didn’t seem to hate it which was nice and I had a lot of fun with Rosa making it. We got our wonderful producer Melanie Rashbrooke on board too. She’s a proper gem. Rosa and I also curated our first performance night PUG with three fab Performance Artists all making exciting work; Luca Rutherford, Charlie Dearnley, Dawn Felicia Knox and Nicola Hunter. I also was in Long Gone, a short horror film by Zambonii Productions. That was very hilarious and dirty to shoot and it’s currently in Post Production! Hopefully you’ll all crap yourselves. I also bought a house and got myself a lovely new agent! It was all finished off nicely with Mixtape: Christmas at Live Theatre. I’m going to eat lots of cheese and cake now, knock some stuff down in my house and play with my dog.

What was your best moment of 2016?
Aaah. I can’t pin one moment down… which I know is really annoying. I’d say being pregnant the same time as Cheryl Cole has really been the icing on the cake for me. I reckon she’s further along than me and she’s definitely looking a lot sassier! The fact Savvy B didn’t die straight away is exciting too. Oh and I can’t forget about my Pug! He came on stage with me for Mixtape and that was quite something. He definitely stole the show and he’s happy his first bucket list request has been ticked off now. His career is going to go through the roof.

And your worst moment?
Mr Pugsley going to hospital. We weren’t sure what was wrong with him and he was pretty sick. He’s back to being top of his game now thank goodness.

Your favourite band of 2016?
I’m going to start listening to new stuff.. I want to answer this with a new hip band but all I can think about is Fleetwood Mac. I do love Fleetwood Mac. I have a very eclectic taste and I need to get myself out listening to new music. If I ever get asked this question again I am going to know all the new bands!

Your favourite song of the year? 
Well Little Mix’s Shout Out To My Ex has got me going a bit… every time it comes on I get excited. If I was 16 I’d have loved blasting that out really loud so all my silly exes could hear and I would think they cared when really they didn’t. I love Carys Calling’s new song Soaked To My Skin. It sends goose pimples down my spine. She has a unique and haunting voice.

Your favourite film? 
Nocturnal Animals!. The whole film I was so tense. The opening credit scene was beautiful! I wanted to drink wine after but I’m not allowed so I sat quietly by myself and thought about life.

What was your favourite gig of the year?
Laura Mvula! I’m not cool and don’t really go to gigs, that was my only one. I go to the theatre all the time! Favourite theatre gig? Snowflakes by Nina Berry.

And finally, what has 2017 got in store for you?
Busy- ness and fun-ness! An Evening with Savvy B is on in January at The Stand (more info here) and Customs House (and here). It goes on tour next Winter. Rosa and I have another PUG event on Friday 27th January at Tyneside Irish Centre. I’m going to play and create a show with comedian and actress Sammy Dobson. And a play with writer Dean Poulter. Lots of Mixtaping! Most importantly and by far the best thing will be playing and snuggling with my soon to be real baby! And Pug.

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