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We caught up with artists Coleman & Hodges, to find out a little bit more about what inspired their new work…

This is the second time we have worked at ACA, the first time being in 2016 (‘As Above So Below’) when we created ‘TETHER’ a participatory, experiential walk exploring our relationship to darkness, place, space and each other. For BEYOND we are exploring other ways to immerse audiences in our work.

We are experimenting with a technique of rewriting history in order to explore ideas. In our OUTSTATION works we create an alternative history of the early Soviet Space Programme to include ‘The Department of Deep Navigation’ a body tasked with research into the psychological journeys that the cosmonauts would be making on flights.  We like the idea of a group of scientists exploring the internal journeys of those making flights into space, rather than the technical aspects.

We find that speculative futures and alternate history’s are interesting devices to explore ideas in ways that are free and flexible. In OUTSTATION #1 we explored how this fictional department had experimented with altered states of consciousness. In OUTSTATION #2 (this weekend) we take a twilight field trip into the hills to recreate some of the methods deployed by the department and next week OUTSTATION #3 will open in a flotation tank in the middle of Newcastle providing an immersive anti gravity experience for participants. Information on how to book for OUTSTATION #3 is available here.

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