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So… how was your 2022? 
Very busy but enlivening.

What was your best moment? 
Setting up my label The Crystal Cabinet and watching each release tiptoe into all quarters of the globe.

And your worst moment? 
Exhaustion & watching the shit show of the political cabinet reshuffling for what feels like the hundredth time and the subsequent crushing of nearly all social sectors.

Who was your favourite band/artist this year? 
My friend Emily McWilliams does incredible work under her Silver Godling moniker. She can build pianos and sings like an angel.

Your favourite song of the year?
Game of Pricks – Guided by Voices

Recommended album? 
Ash Ra Tempel – Ash Ra Tempel

Favourite TV show of the year? 
The only thing I committed to this year was the Prime version of LOTR. Like Xena Warrior Princess meets Emmerdale. Not a favourite, but passable.

Your favourite film? 
Moonage Daydream by Brett Morgan, only complaint: no Mick Ronson.

Best book you read?
Finding the Raga: An improvisation on Indian music – Amit Chaudhuri

Favourite new word that you learned? 
A lot of the medical terminology I used for my release ‘Ventricles’ (which used samples from my heart), such as: columnae carnae, eustachian valves, annulus ovalis, all good stuff.

Best podcast?
Secret Sound by Matt Marble.

Favourite venue that you visited? 
Vroom, Rotterdam.

What was your favourite gig/show of the year? 
See above, getting to both play and visit a converted nunnery and see incredible viola da gamba player Nicoleta Chatzopoulou and Martijn Comes alongside Italian sound artist Giulio Aldinucci legitimately lift the ceiling was wonderful.

Any up-and-coming artists/acts we should keep an eye out for in 2023? 
Anyone that catches you off guard that you’re not looking for.

Any predictions for next year? 
Fun ones: economic deprivation, social gaps widening, social gaps closening, hopefully not WW3.

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