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Durham’s ironing board-toting, sign-holding, fuser of spoken word/electronic music, aka Faithful Johannes, is set to perform at the NOVUM festival in Newcastle on 12th August.

Ahead of his show, we find out what his perfect gig would look like… 

Phew, right so.  If I’m putting on this show, it sounds stressful, so the first wish would be for it to sell out very quickly so I don’t have to be anxious about paying everyone.  And I’d have an able assistant who’s really on top of the details.

I’m not going to do a whole, ‘dream gig in space’ thing here – think of the environmental impact!  I’d want something nearer to home, to give my hometown a boost… but nothing too enormous, I prefer an intimate show to a stadium one. So maybe take over Durham Cathedral for a night and have sets in some of its various weird rooms and dungeons.

On the bill, I’d definitely have Advanced Base over from the US with a live band – Owen’s said he won’t tour Europe again after his keyboard got lost by an airline.  In real life this has made me sad, but in this fantasy world I’d persuade him to do a rethink this and he’d agree.

A few more international or big artists, perhaps TuNe-YaRds, Sylvan Esso, Open Mike Eagle, Aesop Rock… closing set from Hot Chip… mixed with some local fun maybes from Martha, Grey Tapes, Dylan Cartlidge, Dennis… two acts I’ve never heard of picked by reliable friends, who turn out to be my new loves.

Starting at about 1 PM, finishing about midnight, no clashes – we all need sleep.  It’s important.

I’d also, obviously, put myself on at sunset as the dusk light slants through the narrow windows, and the audience and the other artists would agree I did a life-changing set and that they should buy all my merch.

The sound would be perfect, with a recognition that electronic music shouldn’t be too quiet and that hearing the words is important.  The Cathedral would be echoey, but everyone’s brought a cushion with them to soak it up nicely.

White Rat beer would be on the bar at a reasonable price.

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