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We learnt a couple things at Jonny and the Baptists’ performance at Arts Centre Washington: Washington (UK) is the home of US president George Washington’s family; when one must mount a small stage in front of a crowd, a run up is advised; and finally, Washington is always in the mood for socialist musical satire.

The World is a Mess, Here are Some Songs started out as a bridge between main shows, and has since ended up being their last outing for a little while to make way for Jonny’s soon-to-be-born child. What a perfect opportunity, then, for a greatest hits compilation. Farage (Rhymes With Same-Sex Marriage) is an exceptional ditty composed with comedian and activist Mark Thomas, redefining “Farage” as “the liquid that collects at the bottom of a bin”. Only The Queen is the most pro-Queen the fierce republicans will get, and they’re proposing she assassinate Donald Trump. Between songs, Jonny and the Baptists “played it loose,” which was tantamount to deadpan left-wing rambling. Even Paddy – AKA ‘The Baptists’ – appeared to be a little thrown by some of his partner’s segues: “I know you said we were gonna play tonight loose…but this is too loose.”

Regardless, Jonny and his cohort went down a storm, and I sincerely hope they’ll return to the region ASAP, because they deserve a bigger crowd.

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