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The alpha male of beta males, Jon Richardson is a self-identified serial whinger who knows what he is and what he likes, embarking on a nationwide tour to complain about the state of the world and offer no solutions at all while showcasing a penchant for cardigan-based costume changes.

Opening with a reassurance that we’ve picked a fine weekday night to see him – he’s not one of these ‘Saturday night comics’ you’d look forward to after all – the new husband and father set his sights squarely on a dissection of the domestic, ranging from correctly stacked dishwashers to impromptu teabagging at the barbers, the correct way to watch TV to the online ordering and application of perineum cream from small business owner Jan Bastard.

Wild excursions through the mundanities of 21st century dad life were capped off by a brilliant sojourn into his own twitter feed that saw the British Comedy Award nominee pull off a marvel of memory, travelling off the dome through weeks of mentions to call out individual audience members in the room while bemoaning the fact that no one ever @’s him to let him know they’re home safe.

A gently complex show slathered with great big dollops of self-referential comedy, an assured and relatable set saw Richardson enjoy watching himself just as much as we did.

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