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Peering through the mystic haze of Dylan Moran’s comedy show, there is a translucency that makes it increasingly difficult to differentiate between the performer and the performance. 

Dishevelled, the comedian wanders onto the stage wine in hand, automatically causing the audience to question just how much of a character the actor was portraying as Bernard Black in Black Books. The comedian starts his rampage with an artful flare, his colourful vocabulary leading his routines across wonderfully surreal landscapes, etched out with the finest and most trivial details. Seemingly all flooding out of him naturally, there was an inebriated candour to the set which saw him stumbling into fresh, ordinary ideas and melding them into something utterly bizarre and unique. 

The unfiltered, spontaneous feel of the show was a stark juxtaposition to the pristine and poetic imagery that propelled the night. Forgotten punchlines and a muddled encore left the night feeling just short of brilliance. Adopting the inclusion of a keyboard, Moran’s set was often soundtracked by the clashing of keys as he fumbled his fingers across the notes, proudly announcing his minimal talent or experience with the instrument. The messy, unrefined flurry of notes that tittered between a blur of sound and slithers of accidental magic was an apt description of the jazz-inspired comedy prowess of Dylan Moran.

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