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The shape of England from the top down is that of the blood oath: though everyone must know the truth, nobody must speak it. The Great Bailout confronts the 1835 Act compensating British slave-owners for loss of ‘property’ (and that taxpayers paid off until 2015) rebukes these promises via resurrection.

Instrumentally adrift across a temporal diaspora that is as futuristically resplendent as it is haunted, Moor Mother’s album wanders a mausoleum chiming with truth. For all its whispering urns it is never conspirational, the interlacing noise and poetry creates a golden mandala, strong and lucid. Death By Longitude draws best this map of galloping hooves, transmuting into pounding 808s before screeching out into steel, lesioning the colonially-drawn canvas to rent free a gnashing pit, beautifully lucent from within.


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