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Durham-based musician and producer William Cawley, drops his brand new single, Sunday Boyfriend and we’re delighted to be given an exclusive look at the music video that accompanies it.

Sunday Boyfriend was recorded and mixed by William and the track is taken from from his upcoming EP, Domestic Bliss. The track with its 1950’s surf rock sound and lo-fi production is a fun-filled two minutes of shimmering guitar and catchy pop hooks with a driving punk-urgency that keeps things vibrant from start to finish. 

Here, William tells us a bit about the track and its visual accompaniment…

“I’ve always been a fan of The Beatles’ Ed Sullivan performance, you know, with the suits and the studio-esque backdrop, and decided to create a pit-village representation of said idea. With it being my first attempt at a music video, I wanted to really give my personality over to the viewer, in way of, my borderline dad-dancing & my use of visual effects regarding the solo. I was later informed by a friend that it reminded them of Ok Go’s, Here It Goes Again, and yes, I’ll take that. 

“The theme of the song relates to dating in the 21st century, specifically online dating and the ups & downs. Admittedly, the music video doesn’t have much in relation to the theme, unless you count my interpretive dance/arm movements in regards to the lyrics. However, I could wear any one of four outfits for a date – lucky dip! I think the silliness of the video mixed with the cynical/hopeful lyrics really do each other favours & gives an insight to my own personality. 

“The video features myself (x4) singing and playing guitar, bass and drums. This video represents my first attempt at using green-screen techniques. I created a concept of each band member wearing slightly different outfits, to simulate a “real” band. I wanted to give each instrument filmed its “due” so what better way to represent this through another visual medium, fashion! 

“The filming was all done by myself via my iPad camera in roughly 2/3 hours in my living room/studio in Durham. I say this because it’s roughly 60/40 living room/studio!! That’s modern independent artists for you. I filmed a music video for each song from my EP in my first home, alongside the recording of the music, hence the title, Domestic Bliss.”

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