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Despite only releasing their first EP a few weeks back, The Great Curve haven’t been resting on their laurels; indeed, they’ve been busy creating videos for all three of the tracks on EP1. Big Business, with its melancholic tones, anthemic chorus and textured drums, was already quietly menacing underneath the glimmering guitars, but with its new clip attached it’s lent an extra element of peril. Prepare to watch a man hold his breath underwater for four minutes in a feat of superhuman strength (don’t worry, he’s a professional).

The video was produced by Pauly Barton, who first came up with the concept for the clip, and Lewis Bonner, who was both the cameraman and the brave star of the piece. Barton says: “I immediately thought of a water based concept when listening to the track. And knew it had to be something original. Lewis is a free water diver – when not editing/directing – and his record is 11 minutes. We both thought it would be really cool to capture the tension, struggle, and anxiety of his routine beforehand, and then the serenity when he’s underwater.

“We wanted the audience to feel uneasy, when in truth, Lewis himself is in a state of euphoria (after the first 30 secs that is) It’s one take. But we shot it over two extremely early mornings – 5.30am starts – at Gateshead Leisure Centre, who were a massive help.” It’s certainly a bit of an uncomfortable watch, but it’s also beautifully shot and perfectly suits the creeping tone of the band’s centrepiece track.

You can watch the video for Big Business below:

The Great Curve recently released their first EP and will be performing at The Cumberland Arms as part of Evolution Emerging on Saturday 23rd May.

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