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If the genre defying debut album The Aether sounded like a soundtrack to a lost great David Lynch film, otherworldly, mysterious and uncanny, full of light and shade, it seems this new singles U R G H and Deep In Love evidence The Aether also worships at the temple of Niles Rogers and Prince.

Taking a leaf from the Daft Punk playbook The Aether has relocated the signature Niles funk chord voicings to an Ibiza style digital landscape filled with retro analogue synthesisers and the Aether’s trademark unearthly vocal floating above. Rumours are The Aether’s label is considering dropping the stems for the remixers out there. He tells us more as we showcase his new video…

During the summer heatwave I found myself experimenting with beautiful vintage Moog and Roland synths and just wrote the kinds of songs me and my friends wanted to hear during the unreal weather. I am not yet sure how I’ll play many of the songs live as some like this are studio creations but whatever happens I think I’ll be on guitar for this one!’

All my songs capture moments in time and I work quickly to catch the feeling. Songs are like creating palaces in a dimension we can feel but can’t always see. There’s an element of’ perfection’ in modern music that I think means we have lost some of the human element. Sometimes a vocal sounds imperfect because the singer had a cold that day or whatever and I think it’s sometimes more important for the song to have an integrity that can come from doing the vocals in one session and freezing that moment in time.

Our generation is so lucky because we have the whole history of music to be inspired by. These summer heatwave songs take me back to being a kid and hearing mam playing some of the great Motown artists like Stevie Wonder and MJ after they started to create their own sound. I’m a huge fan of arrangers like Quincy Jones and what he achieved without the infinite sampling available to modern producers like me. We get to be able to record every part and fix mistakes but those guys played live which is just mind blowing. I’m trying to capture that kind of feel as a solo producer. Goals is to perform one day with a full band and orchestra like Portishead did for their legendary Roseland gig to perform this type of song properly.

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