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Swears‘ third single Righteous Din is out on Friday 27th July.Inspired by a chance-meeting the singer, Joel had with an old couple preaching the word of God while warning of imminent doom; it deals with the threat of nuclear annihilation. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the song revolves around the concept of a party/gig in a nuclear bunker as the bombs fall overhead. The meaning of Righteous Din is in this case two-fold – referring to both the “righteous din” created by the revellers in an attempt to drown out the impending holocaust outside, as well as to the sound (“din”) of the bombs themselves, and the self-righteousness of those responsible for launching them. The chorus refrain of “You get what you wanted / I can’t ignore it” is aimed at the politicians, businessmen and other members of the elite who lead us down this hypothetical path of mutual destruction.

Swears told us a little more about the video…

We made the video with Izak Jackson from Volta media, who is awesome. Downton interiors let us use their warehouse for the shoot. The story is set in an unspecified dystopian future, where contaminants in the air mean that some members of the surviving population need gas masks to survive. It follows four raiders, who stumble upon an abandoned warehouse and find a mysterious bag emanating a strange and seductive light. The four raiders proceed to fight over the bag, resulting in their mutually assured destruction – a reflection of the fate awaiting those who fight over resources and power in service of their own nationalistic ideals.

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