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Middlesbrough alt-rock outfit  SWEARS keep their productive lockdown, which saw them releasing their EP Seersucker in May, going with the release of their Tarantino-esque music video, which we’re delighted to be given an exclusive look at.

The track is a ferocious slice of garage rock with a driving rhythm and relentless chorus and here the band tell us a little more about the visuals that accompany it. 

‘We recorded the video for ‘Say Nothing’ in one day at Base Camp, who kindly let us use the warehouse for the shoot. It was filmed by Joel’s brother Louis, who recently graduated university with a degree in film. We wrote and directed it ourselves, as we do with most of our videos, and edited it too (which explains the top notch cgi). We portray the characters in this video, which meant we got to stretch our thespian legs once more – delivering some powerful, emotive performances. It’s also the first video Ginge (bassist Tom Gingell) has officially shot with us, although he’s in the background during the bar scenes in ‘Cabin Fever’.

In the video we play four old-timey gangsters who’ve just come from a robbery gone wrong. Tensions flare and the argument escalates to violence. We enjoy being theatrical with our video releases and we like to say they’re all set in the same swearsiverse (we want a piece of that sweet Marvel pie) so there are a few classic SWEARS cameos and references – in fact you can consider it a direct prequel to our last video ‘Cabin Fever’. The song itself is about divisive voices within society, which is in no way reflected by the theme or events of the video at all! We just wanted an excuse to do our own version of Reservoir Dogs. To die on camera was a real treat for us.’

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