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NOPRISM, the soulful electronic project of Newcastle-based duo Andrew Young and Mark Nelson, release their brand new single Happiness and we are delighted to be able to bring you the video exclusive. 

The track is an eighties inspired, post-punk tinged, slice of driven, funked up euphoria; swirling with dynamic drum-rolls, baritone bliss and sleek and silky synths. In contrast, the video in all its monochrome and gold glory seems to echo less vibrant sentiments of desolation, mundanity and escapism. We asked Andrew to tell us more about it…

“When we were planning this single release, we had a full storyboard for the video we were going to shoot. It was going to be our acting debut. Unfortunately, with the lockdown restrictions kicking back in the general public have been temporarily denied this performance tour de force, and we had a rethink instead.

For our previous videos, we know this guy in Russia who shoots loads of really strange video footage and we reached out to him. We edited the video ourselves using his footage, creating this creepy narrative with the hotel porter. We thought his story fits really well with the lyrics in the song, as he wanders around empty corridors alone, repeating the same cycles over and over. It’s got a bit of a dream/nightmare-like feel to it. A sort of Poundland cross between The Shining and Grand Budapest Hotel. I love the way it’s so mundane, then offers him a glimmer of hope before the soul-crushing reality of life kicks back in!”

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