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Born in the North-East of Brazil, Nadedja followed the music and found her way to the UK via the Midwest of the USA. Soaking up an eclectic mix of experiences, her music has grown into a melting pot of pop, indie, folk and RnB genres. She’ll be releasing her second single Una and the Lion, on all digital platforms on 15th November.

Rounding off a brilliant year which has seen her perform at festivals such as Platform, Dot To Dot and Latitude, as well as being featured on a Sofar Sounds session, this latest offering features beautiful, soaring etherealness combined with raw, heartfelt lyrics, painting a soundscape as beautiful as the piece of art from William Bell-Scott that inspired the song.

We’re delighted that Nadedja has given NARC an exclusive look at the music video to Una and the Lion and gives us some insight about the making of it.

Una and the Lion represents the first stage of a big journey or decision, at the point when you’re facing up to your fears. It explores that moment when you realise you have a lot of desires and aspirations, but you’re scared to really go for it and find out who you are. Basically, it’s a self-reflection on my fear of loneliness and the fear of following my dreams, because when you get out of your comfort zone, things can go either really right or really wrong! I was scared but also fascinated by this unknown. That’s why I’ve chosen this song as the intro to my upcoming EP. The other songs will reflect my journey of breaking free and overcoming what was holding me back.

I used to think of myself as this very soft singer with a soft personality, and being able to go on a journey of self-discovery and find out that I have so much more strength than I imagined made me discover a whole new side of who I am as a singer-songwriter. And right now, I’m continuing to explore different ways of expressing myself. 

I chose to do the video the way I did because I wanted it to be about self-expression and I wanted to experiment with my body and empty spaces, symbolising the lonely search that I talk about in the song. I wanted to include the colour red as it features strongly in my artwork. It’s also heavily present in the artwork for my first single, ‘Fire’. Red symbolises the boldness and passion that exists within me. In the video, I wanted to use the red fabric as an extension of my body, using the way it moves in the breeze as a symbol of a suppressed side of me breaking free.

I knew that I wanted to film in empty fields with lots of wind so I could dance around with the fabric. The wild conditions to me represent the freedom and power of nature. I didn’t know of any specific places to film, so I just drove around and pointed at random fields off the road in the North York Moors! It was a very spontaneous kind of thing, which I thought was perfect for a song that was also very spontaneously recorded. The video was written, directed and produced by me, it’s all a bit DIY!

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