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MXYM is an indie-goth singer-songwriter from Newcastle who follows up a string of self-releases with his latest offering, Sixteen. The new single is a three-minute slice of loveliness made up of Soft Cell-eque synthpop sounds, gothic undertones and art-rock aesthetics. On the surface, it’s a great summer listen with its pulsating electronics and growling guitar but dig a little deeper and there’s a great deal of emotional depth behind the lyrics that will have you hitting repeat long into the winter months.

We’re delighted to be given the video as an exclusive for NARC Magazine and here MXYM tells us more about the track and vibrant visuals that accompany it.

‘Sixteen is my latest single released on April 6th, although I actually intended to release it earlier, I ended up recording both my tracks Edinburgh and San Celemente Syndrome and felt they should be released first. Thankfully this meant the music video was filmed in June of last year with Co-Director and Creative Partner TJmov, meaning the single could have the visuals it deserved despite everything that’s been going on. 

The track deals with the way experiences and actions change how you think and deal with emotions, and the way we are blindsided by the impact of them and take them into all future relationships. I wanted to make a visual translation of this concept using the VHS tapes, showing how something can shift, distort and eventually be destroyed by the actions one takes. When I sent the demo of sixteen to TJmov last year he immediately sent me photography by Kourtney Roy, specifically her collection “The Ideal Woman” which we took as the main inspiration behind the video, adding our own stories and characters into the aesthetic, which is juxtaposed with harsh, bright pinks.

In the video I portray 4 different characters including myself, all of which having little details and  moments that have deeper meaning and story behind them relating to my own experiences. However while making the video and asking for feedback from friends, it’s been interesting to hear their own interpretations of the visuals.’

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