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Alt-pop solo artist MXYM drops the video to their latest single, Coven, the first track from the upcoming EP, Memento Mori (due out 2nd October).  This latest offering, with it’s lurking guitar riff, punchy rhythms and haunting vocal drop-downs, is a more dark and gothic offering and comes complete with a visual accompaniment to match. We’re delighted to be given an exclusive look at the music video ahead of its release.

About the video, MXYM adds, “My new single Coven was written in early 2022 amidst the tornado hell-scape that was last year. The song deals with the sudden realisation of how alone you are, the anger and the confusion that come along when everyone you thought were ride or die decide to leave you for dead. So I really wanted to make this video feed into that aggression, confusion and distrust of those around you while also playing into all the witch imagery to give that full black magic experience. The music video centres around a coven of witches who are using me for their own gain, and it’s only when I create a space for myself, that I can come into my own power, be true to who I am and feel my full self. 

“I co-created this whole video with my creative partner TJmov who shot and edited the whole thing. We did this all with zero budget, hand-making sculpting our own metal trees, using a whole lot of hot glue relying on a lot of favours, and ended up making one of the biggest videos we’ve ever done. This time round we had the absolute pleasure of working with some amazing Newcastle drag icons, Bonnie Love (@thebonnielove) Mea T. Cleaver (@Mea_t_cleaver) Gloria Love (@missglorialove) and Laila Sagittaria (@laila_sagittaria) who portray the most incredible coven I could’ve wished for. I truly can’t thank them enough for trusting my vision and being so willing to dive so deep into my goth nightmare (including Laila drowning in blood) 
“There’s a lot of little details in the video that I’m excited to see if people pick up on, and also a few clues for a bigger narrative that might become more clear as more visuals for my upcoming EP get released so make sure you watch it a few times!”
You can catch MXYM performing this track, and others from the new EP, Live at Northern Stage on Friday 13th October. Tickets are available here.


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