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Newcastle rock ‘n’ roll quartet Midnight Chic provide some visual accompaniment to their much-streamed second single Can’t Get Enough, a gritty, riff heavy offering with notes of the Detroit underground mixed with the contemporary feel of recent rock revivalists, such as Rival Sons.

We’re delighted to be given an exclusive look at their nifty new music video, which was directed by Sam Brautigan and has a distinctly British feel, reminiscent of saucy seaside postcards and the Confessions Of… films of the seventies.

Lead singer Timmy Taylor tells us more…
“The music video is all about lust and sex, the story runs by an older couple who don’t seem to have the same sexual feelings towards each other anymore, this results in the pair of them looking for it elsewhere, in this case, it’s the local lollipop lady and the milkman. The song is all about not being able to resist someone, not being able to get enough of them, so the video does tie in perfectly with the music.

The cast is the following: Glyn Pritchard as the Husband, Helen Minassian as the Wife, Jeanelie Roseanne Louamba as the Lollipop lady and Alejandro Fernandez Jaume as the milkman. The video was written, directed and edited by the very talented Samuel Brautigen from London. Overall we think our video really ties in and compliments what the band are going for with the flamboyant looks and a touch of humour, Samuel really hit the nail on the head with this one.”

Director of the video, Sam, adds…
“The music video is about an unhappy married couple who are locked into a rigid social structure. The song reminded me of 60s rock music so I wanted to give the video a 60s look and style. When these young rebellious characters enter the lives of the married couple, they are offered the taboo of breaking their social boundaries. Shooting the video was a great deal of fun, as I had a wonderful cast and crew.”

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