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Photo by Johnny Haynes

Mausoleums release their latest single (via Kaneda Records), Rapture of The Beast and with it, an awesome new video. And if that isn’t snazzy enough their launch gig will be at this years Northern Electric Festival on Friday 2nd August.

For those not in the know Mausoleums are a dark electronic three piece influenced by minimal wave and darkwave. Combining aggressive synthesisers, mechanistic drum machines, throbbing bass lines and echo soaked vocals with arresting guitar they create raw and haunting industrial soundscapes. This will be their first release since Chris Malby joined and as he is keen to point out, his addition has added an extra dimension to the band’s sound. “As a fan of what Elliot and Simeon were doing before being asked to join, I’ve tried to encapsulate what I know the be the Mausoleums aesthetic while bringing something of my own to the table drawing on influences I believe we all share including bands such as the Clash, the Cure and Joy Division.”

The single opens with a sinister sexiness, like if Depeche Mode had written a John Carpenter soundtrack and builds into guitar adorned, Golden Axe-esque gorgeousness. Singer, Elliot Reeves haunting and enticing vocals on the verses are broken up by the pleading drive and repetition of chorus and, as he mentions, the lyrics are something else. “In my mind, I imagined the lyrics as an otherworldly play in which medieval people live in a timeless world with all eras, technology and violence coming together as one big set piece.”

Simeon Soden (synth/producer) gives us more insight into the writing process of the track. “We were tying out a different approach and we wanted a more direct sound so we used hardware sequencers rather than computer based software to give a much more immediate and tactile process. The limitations of the hardware only approach of the original demo really shaped our approach and the music. We were exploring super minimalistic composition and using a lot of gradually progressing repetition which hardware methods lend themselves well to. When Chris joined and began writing the guitar parts, the track began to move in a new direction and in response the track has been gradually distilled and from that demo. Only one original piece of audio remains, a short sample of a heavily distorted and echoed clap. I think this testament the ideals of minimal composition (refinement through repetitive process) and to how much something can change over it’s compositional life time.”

The video adds to the intensity of the song and features elements that are reminiscent of films like Kill List, Wicker Man, Dead Man Shoes and Poltergeist. It was directed by Chris (guitarist) who explains more about it. “There was a bit of prep work put in with the lads at Potted Wolf and Kaneda records but besides the unaccounted for mid-March snow everything else went dead on to plan. In terms of narrative there wasn’t any massive plans of something cohesive but the ‘beast’ in the video was definitely supposed to echo the desires of Elliot’s beast in the lyrics.”

We’re delight at NARC to get an exclusive look at the new video, so close the door and curtains and click play.

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