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Laurens Court were formed by schoolmates Dylan Abbas, Sam Greenhow and Morgan Punton and their grungy, experimental style draws on influences such as Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Tom Waits.

Last year was a good one for the band and saw them picked as Spotlight UK’s ‘Top 12 Artists To Check Out In 2019’. On 3rd February they kicked off 2020 with purpose with the release of the powerful single, Burn and now follow that up with an epic new video.

We’re pleased to have been given the first look at the Burn music video and here, frontman, Dylan Abbas tells us more about it.

“When I first contacted Adam Opie (Co-Director) it was actually regarding an entirely different song and it was a whole different concept of music video. When the song ended up changing, a lot of the same ideas we originally discussed still applied to what we ultimately wanted. We didn’t just want a pretty looking video where people watch us sing and dance, we wanted to create a story, something with substance and meaning; giving the viewers a real cinematic experience in just five minutes. 

Working with the themes of self-sabotage, overthinking and the lyrics to the song itself – Adam sent me the concept for the video within just a few days, it’s something that just clicked with all of us immediately and with that, we started getting everything prepared.

The general story follows a man who lives in a little house on a hill. We watch as his insecure and isolated life choices result in actions of temper and destructiveness. This eventually leads to him, emotionally and physically, pushing away the only things he has in his life. In my opinion, this character is a heightened embodiment of us as men. The common refusal to get help, the tendency to portray our emotions as anger and hate when really we just need to talk.

Getting everything prepared was a surprisingly long process, at least to me anyway. I’m sure we must have looked at about fifty different playhouses and fifty different bears before finally deciding which ones would be right. Honestly, though it was just great to be working with a crew that were as pedantic and specific about getting everything perfect as I was.

The location we chose for shooting was a farm not too far outside Throckley, I remember first going to have a look with Adam and we just knew right away it would be ideal – of course at the time we didn’t take into account that, on the night of shooting, we would be walking back and forth through wet muddy fields in pitch darkness with some very curious horses often getting uncomfortably close! I just remember often hearing people radio across “can somebody get the owner of the farm to get this horse, it won’t let me pass”.”

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