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North East singer-songwriter/rapper Tom Dingwall AKA Lang Wild drops the video to his latest single, Perfume and has been kind enough to give us an exclusive first look at it. He is an artist known for his hard-hitting, thought-provoking tacks and with his latest offering with its cinematic sound and exposed vocal delivery does not disappoint. 

Lang Wild tells us more about the video…

I wrote this song after watching an HBO documentary called ‘I Love You, Now Die’. The song itself paints a very dark picture detailing the events which led to a young man by the name of Conrad Roy taking his own life after his then girlfriend, Michelle Carter, insisted he do it over a prolonged period through online communication. The way the story is portrayed in the documentary suggests that she ultimately craved the inevitable attention that would come her way as a result of such a tragedy. With this song I wanted to explore the art of storytelling using an external narrative rather than a personal one. 

The video was shot and edited by Jack Craggs of ATLASinc. I had already worked with Jack previously for my debut music video for Driving With Our Eyes Closed and I couldn’t wait to collaborate on another project with him. 

The video itself is conceptual in parts. The two hooded figures represent the light and dark. The face reveal at the very end represents the fact that there was already a pre-existing darkness living inside Conrad, and the stalking presence of Michelle ensured that darkness was inescapable in the end. It’s a shockingly twisted story that inspired me to pick up the guitar and write. As a result, I’d say it’s easily my darkest song to date, but at the same time, it’s a nice break away from writing about personal stuff. 

The experimentation involved with this song provides a little insight as to what can be expected from the new E.P I’ve got in store for later this year…

My friend Oliver Smith helped out by participating in the shoot as one of the hooded figures. It was a lot of fun to experiment and try out different shots and ideas. We shot the full video in and around Leazes Park in Newcastle.

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