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How’s this for a concept? Elvis Presley, Slash, David Bowie, Britney Spears, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain and Ringo Starr all getting together at the Georgian Theatre and singing to Kingsley Chapman and the Murder’s latest track. Kind of. In the recently released video for Lovers, the Murder went down to the seaside for some classic arcade hijinks and this time round they’re having just as much fun dressing up as some of music’s most iconic figures and busting a few moves while doing a bit of karaoke.

Guillotine is the B-side to the Murder’s debut single Lovers, which is released on Friday 31st July and it’s a typically baroque, sweeping and atmospheric number about the poor health of the nation and oddly apathetic nature of some of those affected by austerity. Of course, seeing the various members of the band dressed up as music icons doesn’t exactly smack of ‘bleak social commentary.’ So why the curiously fun video for an otherwise hard-hitting topic? “The video relates in no way whatsoever to the song. I could lie and talk about highly pretentious concepts to try and justify having half of the band dressed up in women’s clothing but I can’t,” Kingsley says. “It would have been quite easy and obvious to film us all looking forlorn and serious wandering around a battered northern housing estate in windswept black and white but it would have also been pretty boring, both for us and the viewer. The videos we do are a bit of a release from the seriousness I suppose.”

kingsley chapman and the murder guillotine

Director Matt Fodor was particularly enthused about the concept that Kingsley and drummer Ben Muriel presented to him. “The best part of making this video was arriving at the shoot. I went into the venue and instantly knew this would be special when there were all these amazing accomplished musicians stood about dressed like the kind of tributes you might have found in a Working Man’s Club in 1974. I loved the dated feel to what everyone was wearing and really tried to go for a dated feel with the video as a whole; hopefully people will get that, and if they don’t at least I got to spend an evening with a proper dodgy cross dressing Britney.”

You can watch the video for Guillotine below. Kingsley Chapman and the Murder release Lovers on Friday 31st July and play at the House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough on the same day. They play at the Cluny, Newcastle on Thursday 6th August.

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