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South Shields’ Jack Fox is a man of many talents. He’s a master of any art form that needs a good sense of timing and has built up a reputation as a talented stand-up comedian, drummer and rapper. As a whippersnapper, he didn’t think rap was musical enough to pass his GCSEs and so for a long period of time his bar-spitting was put on hold, whilst he focused on being a rock drummer. He got back into it by taking part in rap battles up and down the country and in 2018 was prolific in releasing new material. He has just dropped his latest video to his track Drive A Car With Your Eyes Closed and has been kind enough to let us get an exclusive look-see, as well as giving us a bit more insight into the song. 

I originally released this song in October 2018 while I was on a mission to release 1 EP per month that year. I started performing it at live shows after that to break up my set, as my live set contains mostly hip hop songs. So I’d add Drive A Car in the middle of the set as a sort of change of pace. The more I performed it, the more people just wanted to hear that song and now it’s gotten to the point where people know the words and I don’t even have to perform the song! Just let the audience do it for me!

The truth is, I wrote the song in about 10 minutes. I had the music recorded and was on the way to the studio to record vocals for it, but I had nothing. On the drive there I must have been angry about something, and I started ranting to myself in the car about the stupidest thing a person could do – drive a car with their eyes closed. I hit voice record on my phone and went on a stream of consciousness rant about 2018 millennial life, shaped it in the studio and recorded it all in 1 take on a (purposely) shitty microphone. So it sounded awful – but on purpose!

As I’m gearing up to release my next EP next year, I thought I’d be daft to not re-record it and release it properly. I went back in the studio with harbourmaster at The Custom Space in South Shields. Re-did the vocals and shot the video on King Street in South Shields with Wycombe 89 Media. It’s so South Shields, it’s dull, gritty, but bright in places. It sums up the song perfectly.

Don’t drive a car with your eyes closed, but do stream Drive A Car With Your Eyes Closed. Available everywhere now.

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