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‘SmogWrokers’ Ihrsan are a band who combines pop, rock and prog rock with a garagey sound to create a unique sound, filled with crunching guitar, driving rhythms and melodic vocals. The band have been busy bees as of late having recently released their debut EP (Heal It From The Inside) on 22nd May and are now dropping their latest single, Didn’t See Me Coming Did Ya!

This brand new offering is filled with all kinds of lo-fi loveliness and discreetly imprints itself on your psyche, ready to be hummed, whistled and sung for hours after listening. It’s warm, fuzzy tone is perfectly complemented by the stay at home setting of the music video, which we are delighted to be given an exclusive look at.

To give us a little more insight, the band tell us more…

“We never thought of it as a song about humanity being reminded by the planet who is really in charge (song was written pre covid-19 outbreak) but perhaps it fits”.

“The song is really about the times when you’ve forgotten how to be humble and started thinking you are superior in some way. Pride before a fall. It’s a tongue in cheek hit at those who think the world owes them a living and seem surprised when their dream-scope doesn’t tumble into their laps. 

“The video was filmed during Covid-19 lockdown while two of the band members were in recovery from the virus. We wanted a video that characterises the individual personalities of the band members. We shot it in our own homes – due to lockdown – and sent the clips to Andy (bass player) to work his magic on an idea for the video – thank goodness for technology making this possible! TD (vocals) and Lee (guitars) – the two of us with COVID-19 – did 15 minute stints each of filming, then had to sleep to recover and carry on filming the next day!! Thankfully Alex, the drummer, was able to be at his manic best.

“We wanted the video to encapsulate the craziness of human vanity and also wished to do something different to our previous two singles, Laugh Like Scooby-Doo (which Narc gave us a great demo write up for, thank you!) and Twinset & Pearls (both part of the 4-track EP Heal It From the Inside), hence it featuring a cartoon style graphic finish. We felt this visually represented the make-believe worlds we fabricate for ourselves in our superiority. The cartoon effect transitions into ‘real’ footage occasionally throughout the video which is life biting back and giving a much-needed reality check as per the meaning and title of the song.

When Andy came up with the concept for the video he did a short demo version to show us what he was thinking of doing in which he dressed up as each band member and mimed us all, including donning a blonde wig to mimic me. Might have to use some of this footage in our pre release promo publicity just to embarrass him, lol.”

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