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Human History is the moniker of South Shields born solo artist Robert Murray who has previously fronted the bands, Spies In Limbo and The Prison Library, as well as performing with the likes of The Verve, Travis, Ghost Poet, Metronomy, Kaiser Chiefs & The Sex Pistols.

His first release as a solo artist comes in the form of self-produced single, Choose Your Weapon, the video for which we are lucky enough to get an exclusive look at. 

Here, Robert tells us more about the song and his video…

“I first claimed my Facebook page for ‘Human History.’ in 2014. The fact I’m only now releasing my debut single possibly says a lot about me. Should art be such a struggle? Well, I believe in my case the actual creation of the work isn’t the issue, but perhaps the inner struggle that comes with presenting it to the world. A conflicted, introverted exhibitionist isn’t the easiest combination of personality traits, and to be honest… I just got lost in the machine. 

As an individual I’ve never been one for posting on social media, whether in regard to mental health issues, political views or even day to day meanderings; now I find myself in a time where it would seem an essential tool in order to share creative endeavours. The general advice for independent artists is “content, content, content” There’s a pressure to be light-hearted, humorous, expose every part of the creative process. I’m willing to take things in a way that feels natural, but still hold a belief that if something is of good enough quality, it will rise on its own merit.”

So, about the first single… 

“The song explores themes of indifference & absence within a relationship: one party full of enthusiasm and willing to share without compromise; the other overwhelmed by insecurity, self- doubt, & regret. One lover has in spirit vacated the union, yet the other clings to it with equal foresight & naivety, and because they see something in this person that the vacant soul can no longer see. 

I can’t deny the song is based on an amalgamation of personal experiences, I’ll let you decide which part I might have played, feel free to judge away. 

I fully produce my own music. That means I write, record and mix it all on my own. That’s not bragging rights, possibly more a note for a therapist. ‘creative control freak’ is the term I’ve branded myself. However, in order to produce music that really resonates and feels complete to me, I had to go back to the start and learn my craft on a technical level. I’ve built a sturdy home studio over the last few years, which is where I recorded and mixed the track. 

When it finally came time to produce a video for the song, I was forced to think about relinquishing some creative control, and by no surprise I just couldn’t do that; not for the first single anyhow. Instead I invested in a camera and some lights and shot the thing in my dining room! I wanted it to be simple, performance based, and suitably illustrate the process in which the song was created. I am in no way a virtuoso of many instruments; I still see myself as a drummer ‘by trade’. I do however feel able to inject my soul into each element, and none egotistically feel that the sum of the individual parts transcends what might be often seen as ‘a demo’. 

I very much look forward to releasing songs on a regular basis now, embracing fear and now feel very fortunate that I’m able to do this from home!”

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